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Gosh, where do I start? Yes I do have other interests, and I'll give a brief description here. Just click on the highlighted link on the page and you'll be whisked away to that site.

I'm a recent convert to tennis but I wished I'd started it years ago. Nevertheless, I'm playing it now. I play for Headstone Ladies with a fantastic bunch of girls in the Middlesex League. We did OK last season but, as usual, we're looking to imrpove this season.

The picture on the left shows my lovely doubles partner and friend Anisha after we lost our ladies doubles final in 2011. Never mind, there's always 2012.

This picture shows me with the Norman Plate trophy I won in 2012 being presented. :)


I like motorbikes and enjoy riding them. I race them, teach people to ride them, do stunts on them. I have lots of fun generally.  I wouldn't call myself a "biker" but I am involved with them a lot. Go to the "Links" page for further information.


SCUBA diving is great fun, whether it's diving througt the ice during winter or in the warm med during summer, there's loads to see.

I qualified with BSAC as a Sports Diver. The PADI equivalent is a "rescue diver".  I dive using twin 10L cylinders connected to Poseidon Cyklon cold water regulators.  I also carry a "pony" bailout cylinder.  My kit is usually heavier then me.

All the above activities are great fun. I'm beginning to think that I'm showing some signs of becoming a bit of an adrenalin junkie. Canyoning is tough but thrilling. We recently spent some time in Turkey exploring one of the canyons. I would love to traverse the Saklikent gorge in Turkey, it takes two days and is quite gruelling.

Abseiling down a 150metre waterfall certainly focuses the mind and using a rope to climb up a rock face can be tiring. But hey, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Why should the guys have all the fun?

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